Steampunk HairClips

Gwendolyne’s Steampunk GemsSteampunk HairClips
GSG’s Steampunk HairClips are handcrafted unique hair clips.
The hair clips have a Steampunk character with designs in which little cogs, clock parts and clock pieces have been used. The accessories can be worn with nearly any style of clothing and will definitely stand out.

Due to the Steampunk style they will decorate your hair in a unique way that will certainly be an attractive addition to your appearance. And if you would like more than just a hair clip, then this is also important: our hair clips can easily be matched with other products from the jewellery line of Gwendolyne’s Steampunk Gems to complement your outfit.

These Steampunk HairClips are part of the characteristic Steampunk Jewellery designed by Gwendolyne’s Steampunk Gems.

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