“I love to create beautiful Steampunk jewellery, that can be worn by anyone at any time, whether you are in full Steampunk attire or in everyday clothes.”

Gwendolyne Blaney
Art Jewellery Designer

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jewellery as a symbol by Gwendolyne's Steampunk Gems

Jewellery as a Symbol In Society

People have been wearing jewellery for many different purposes during thousands of years. Of course, jewellery can be used for functional reasons, like a clasp, a buckle or a brooch to keep clothes together and hair pins to keep your hair in place. However, there are many more reasons why people wear jewellery and some […]

Swarovski Crystal Featured Image

The Beauty of Swarovski

While I was in the process of finding my own personal style of creating steampunk art jewellery, a friend asked me if I had any intention of using genuine precious gemstones in my designs. So far I had been using some ordinary glass rhinestones in a few of my creations, but not really given this […]

GAS Filigree Featured Image

Steampunk Filigree

Filigree is a delicate and lacelike kind of jewellery metalwork. Fine, pliable metal threads are curled, twisted or plaited in ornamental and intertwined patterns, soldered together at points of contact or with the metal groundwork. Usually metals such as gold and silver are used in the filigree techniques, although other materials are sometimes used, such […]

Etymology Featured Image

The Etymology Of The Word ‘Jewellery’

The word “jewellery“, or “jewelry” in American English, was invented many thousands of years later than the actual first pieces of decorative items worn for personal adornment were created by men. It derived from the word “jewel”, which is the Anglicised form of the Old French word “jouel“. In late Middle English, around the 17th […]

Inca Jewellery

Jewellery throughout time – Medieval jewellery making

Europe became more important for the innovation of the jewellery industry after the fall of the ancient civilizations in Egypt, the Middle-East and the Roman Empire, although it took quite some time before European civilizations really established that important role and position. Nearly a thousand years passed by before new knowledge and ideas were enabled […]