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Necklace Steampunk Jewellery


Humans have been wearing necklaces for thousands of years. They were used to serve ceremonial, religious or funerary reasons, but were also worn as magical adornments or as symbols of wealth and status.

Steampunk Gems Earrings


Ear piercings are one of the oldest forms of body modification with artistic and written references from cultures around the world. Their fashionable features still show today.


Bracelets can be worn for several purposes, even as alternative health armbands, but our charm bracelets with their decorative pendants are mainly for healing the soul and catching your eye!

Hairclips Steampunk Jewellery


The earliest evidence of hair styling have been found in Venus figurines, like the Venus of Willendorf. Our hair clips show a look at time through the use of clock parts in their design.

Brooches Steampunk Jewellery


Brooches from the Bronze Age were often used as ornamental clasps, through which the wearer for instance could show their status or authority.

Special Sets Steampunk Jewellery


There is a long history of people from all over the world wearing jewellery for all kinds of reasons. Beauty and style are a big part of our cultural heritage, not to be underestimated.

Non steampunk Jewellery


Whether you like Steampunk or have a different taste for pretty accessories, we like to make extraordinary jewellery for everyone!